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Skillful Manufacture China Forged Excavator Bucket Teeth (200T)

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  • Forging Casting

  • 47-52HRC

  • Esco

  • Mtg/K Series

  • Packed in Plywood Case

  • SGS, CE

  • Ningbo

  • 8431499000

China forged excavator bucket teeth for sale

Excavator bucket teeth is important part of the excavator, similar to human teeth, also wearing parts, is composed of tooth and tooth tip combination dipper teeth, both by pin shaft link. Due to the bucket tooth wear failure part is the tooth, as long as the replacement with a tip.
The bucket tooth manufacturing technology and process

Bucket tooth, a reasonable technological process: Sand casting, forging, casting, precision casting.
Sand casting: The lowest cost at the same time, technological level and bucket teeth than precision casting and forging casting quality too.

Forging casting: Cost and technological level and bucket teeth of highest quality is the best.
Precision casting: Moderate cost but very strict to the requirement of raw materials, has a high technological level. Some precision casting dipper teeth due to causes the wear-resisting degree of ingredients, and quality even more than the press casting bucket teeth. Current precision casting bucket teeth for bucket tooth on the market the mainstream of the manufacturing process.

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