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Brand New Digger Backhoe B877 for Sale

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  • B877

  • Medium-sized Loader

  • Weichai Engine

  • 70kw

  • Carroro

  • Carraro

  • 1.0m3

  • Standard Cab with A/C

  • 5899*2350*3650mm

  • sdlg

  • 1X40hq

  • China

  • 842951

Brand new digger backhoe B877 for sale

Brand New Digger Backhoe B877 for Sale

Brand New Digger Backhoe B877 for Sale

Brand New Digger Backhoe B877 for Sale

1.The Charactors of SDLG digger backhoe B877

B877 backhoe is a small multi-function engineering machine newly designed with high cost performance and is widely applied in various building construction engineering, such as road construction and caring.cable laying,electricity and airport engineering, municipal construction and quarrying work, in city and countryside.

2. Descriptions of SDLG digger backhoe B877

Name SDLG digger backhoe B877
Total Weight 8400kgs
Dimension 5899*2350*3650mm
Rated load 1800kgs
Max. dumpling height 2176mm

3.The Technical specifications of SDLG digger backhoe B877

Item Specifications
Overall Dimension
LxWxH 5865x2270x3599mm
Overall width(D) 2240mm
Max.dumping height(E) 2176mm
Dumping distance(F) 819mm
Min.ground clearance(G) 346mm
Max.digging depth(H) Standard boom:4329mm
Telescopic boom:5352mm
Max. digging radius(I) Standard boom:5343mm
Telescopic boom:6305mm
Wheel tread(front/rear) J/J' 1928/1790mm
Wheelbase(K) 2170mm
Min.turning radius(outside of front wheel)L 4178mm
Horizontal crossing radius(outside of bucket)M 5426mm
Overall Parameter
Overall working weight 8400-8700kg
Loading bucket capacity 1.0m3
Rated load 1800kgs
Max.tractive force 82KN
Digging bucket capacity 0.18M3
Max.digging force 50KN
Max.breakout force 60KN
Max.grade ability 22º
Model WP4G95E221
Type inline,water-cooled,direct injection
Rated power/speed 70kw/2200r/min
Engine displacement 4.5L
Cylinder bore/stroke 105/130mm
Rated fuel consumption 230g/kw.h
Max.torque 380NM
Emission standard china phase II
Transmission System
Torque converter Single-stage single-phase centripetal turbine
Transmission type Synchronized shift
Gears Four Forward ,Four reverse
Speed at forward/reverse I gear 0-6km/h
Speed at forward/reverse II gear 0-10km/h
Speed at forward/reverse III gear 0-20km/h
Speed at forward/reverse IV gear 0-40km/h
Brake System
Service brake type Vacuum booster wet brake
Parking brake type Manual disc brake
Steering system
Type Load-sensing full hydraulic articulated steering
System pressure 15MPA
Hydraulic system of loading implement
System pressure 22MPA
Total time 8s
Hydraulic system of Digging implement
System pressure 22MPA
Fuel capacity
Fuel 160L
Hydraulic oil 190L
Engine 10L
Transmission 20L
Drive Axle 7.5+2x0.8/15L
Brake System 2L

3. The inside of SDLG digger backhoe B877 :
Brand New Digger Backhoe B877 for Sale

4. How to pack the SDLG digger backhoe B877 :

Brand New Digger Backhoe B877 for Sale

Brand New Digger Backhoe B877 for Sale

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