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Brand New Construction Grader G9190 for Sale

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  • G9190

  • Dde Engine

  • Zf 6wg200

  • Standard Axle

  • Chain Transmission Drum Brake

  • Mechanical

  • 15800kg

  • sdlg

  • 40hq

  • China

  • 84292010

Brand new construction grader G9190 for sale

Brand New Construction Grader G9190 for Sale

Brand New Construction Grader G9190 for Sale

Brand New Construction Grader G9190 for Sale

1, Charactors of sdlg construction grader G9190 :

G9190 grader is a product of high speed, high efficiency, high accuracy and multiple purposes developed by SDLG on the basis of advanced technology of Europe, can be used for ground leveling and grooving, scraping slope, bulldozing, ploughing snow, loosening, compacting, material arrangement and mixing work, and is widely applied in construction operating condition of road, airport, defense engineering,mine construction, road construction, water conservancy construction and farmland improvement and so on.

2. Technical specifications of sdlg construction grader G9190 :
Item specifications
overall dimension
L*W*H 8975*2710*3240mm
Min.ground clearance of front axle 610mm
Ground clearance of rear axle 430mm
Wheel tread 2260mm
Wheelbase(front/rear) 6480mm
Wheelbase of rear axles 1538mm
Overall parameter
Overall working weight 15800kg
Max.inclination angle of front wheel ±18°
Max.swinging angle of front axle ±16°
Max.streering angle of front wheel ±50°
Steering angle of articulated frame ±23°
Cutter diameter(mm) 1626mm
Cutter size(length*height*thickness) 3962*635*22mm
Swing angle of blade 360°
Min.turning radius 7.6m
Ground clearance of blade 445mm
Cutting depth of blade 787mm
Inclination angle of blade Forward47°/backward 5°
Sliding range of blade Left673mm/right673mm
Max.tractive force 82kN
Max.speed(forward/reverse) 38/23km/h
Model BF6M1013EC
Type Inline,water-cooled,Dry cylinder liner,direct injection
Rated power/speed 146kW/2200r/min
Engine displacement 7.146L
Cylinder bore/stroke 108/130mm
Min.fuel-consume ratio 210g/Kw.h
Max.torque 710Nm
Emission standard EC stage & EPA Tier
Transmission system
Transmission model ZFW320
Transmission Type Fixd shaft power shift
Torque converter Single-stage single-phase three-element
Gears Six forward three reverse
Speed at forward gear I 0~4.8km/h
Speed at forward gear 0~8.4km/h
Speed at forward gear 0~11km/h
Speed at forward gear 0~18.6km/h
Speed at forward gear 0~23km/h
Speed at forward gear 0~38km/h
Speed at reverse gear 0~4.8km/h
Speed at reverse gear 0~11km/h
Speed at reverse gear 0~23km/h
Hydraulic system
Type Open-type system
System pressure 21Mpa
Fill capacity
Fuel 270L
Hydraulic oil 132L

Brand New Construction Grader G9190 for Sale
Brand New Construction Grader G9190 for Sale
Brand New Construction Grader G9190 for Sale

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